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About Me: I've been knitting since I got bored one summer in college and made a raglan sleeved rag-wool sweater that still almost fits. My favorite things to knit are Scandanavian colorwork and lace. I don't like to knit socks or sleeves. Some years ago, I completed the Level 1 Master Course with The Knitting Guild of America. That's as far as I got, but I did learn a lot and I recommend it highly.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Allergic to Change

Snuff, snuff, sniffle. . . I have emptied a box of tissues already this week, plus the one at home. It is impossible to figure out if I am coming down with something, and is it bacterial, or is there something in the air? One minute I'm fine, one minute I'm sneezing, and the next I can only breathe through one side of my nose -- no wait -- it's mouth only. My usually charming Midwestern nasal twang soweds moe lye-guh dis.

Wouldn't you know it though, this is what I went through nine months ago when I arrived here. First I thought it was road fatigue plus the dust from all my moving boxes. Then I thought it was pollen in my new neighborhood, plus poor local air quality. The week after that I tried the mold in my office theory, but that didn't work either. Nothing worked: over the counter, behind the counter, antihistamine, decongestant, histamine blocker, neti pot, herbs, nada. The acupuncturist said it was stress and I drank this awful tea tasting of Farmer's Friend throat lozenges for a week. Two rounds of antibiotics finally seemed to kick it in the pants, but that was right around the time when I got word about my Illinois bar results, so who really knows whether it was the drugs or the endorphins kicking my immune system back into gear.

So I'm complacent, thinking that perhaps my new move is bringing it all on and that it will pass. The uncertainty, the logistics, the pressure -- enough to make me want to curl up with some chicken soup and sleep until the whole thing is over. Some kind of psycho-somatic reaction to change, which my body sees it as threatening rather than exciting. What a drag, though -- it's going to be a few more weeks before I get all unpacked again. I'd like to be known as the wonderful new person in town and at the office, not the poorly looking soul with the red nose and watery eyes.

But if sniffling for the next week is the way to get there, so be it. I'll just take some zen-like action to address the problem indirectly (sudafed not doing a hell of a lot anyway, so my allergies can just bite it if they think they're going to get me down). A manicure. A massage. Several bottles of champagne. A date. Concert tickets. Nothing can get me down because I feel good, look good, and have great things to look forward to. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Forgot to post -- last week the Montana Board of Bar Examiners saw fit to let me know that I passed the exam. Yea! Now I am double-barred -- Illinois and Montana.

The catch: the Board will let me know where and when the swearing in ceremonies will be held. . . as soon as I pay my fees. Kind of like being invited to a party but not being given the directions to get there until you show them a receipt for the present you bought.

Bonfire of my study materials has already taken place.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Finishing Touches

Fluffy blue cashmere scarf looked pretty damn blah when it was done. Fluffy, yes. Soft, yes. But bland. Pale, pale, pastel baby blue. Like a sky with a thin cloud in front of it. If it were a dress it would wash you out unless you had very dark skin to set it off. And I don't have that. So my choice was between finding someone with gorgeous dark skin to give it to, or giving it a contrast edge of some kind. Given that I live in Montana, where a diverse community boasts both Norwegians and Swedes, I set out to find an appropriate trim.

At Loopy, I found this great ribbon trim.

As I recall, only about $11 and I have quite a lot of it left over. Thinking I'll work the rest of it with some wire and make a basket for keys or mail.

A single crochet made sense, but if I just ran the ribbon along the edge one stitch at a time, a one-sided edge was created, meaning that the front of the scarf looked great, but the back of the scarf showed the stitches. So I ripped it out and started again.

This time I crocheted one stitch into a stitch at the front of the scarf (the line of stitches in the lower part of the image), and then crocheted a second stitch over the top of that. This prevented the edge stitch of the scarf from showing through the trim, and made the reverse (the line on the top of the image) of the scarf look as pretty as the front.

You can see here that the edge is curled or bubbled a bit, because I was stitching into each row of the edge. Once I realized that was going on, I started working every other row, and it lies flatter as a result.

As an added bonus, the trim gave just enough weight to the edge of the scarf that it now falls very nicely around my shoulders.

My last knitting project in town before I move up north. Happy to be finished.