About Me:

About Me: I've been knitting since I got bored one summer in college and made a raglan sleeved rag-wool sweater that still almost fits. My favorite things to knit are Scandanavian colorwork and lace. I don't like to knit socks or sleeves. Some years ago, I completed the Level 1 Master Course with The Knitting Guild of America. That's as far as I got, but I did learn a lot and I recommend it highly.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Knit Wit

I'm going to insert a few new photographs here. The first is my progress with this Chinese cashmere scarf. I may end up making a shrug out of it.

The second is a really cool vintage sweater I found at the YWCA shop a few weeks ago. What I picked up was supposed to be a neat wool cardigan. Imagine my surprise (a phrase which here means "little did she know") when I got it home and discovered that I had actually purchased a pull-over that someone had taken a scissors to. Cut right down the front. Hadn't fallen apart -- yet. So I sewed some ribbon to the steek to preserve the edge. Purl immediately wanted to borrow it.

As a result I went out and bought a bunch more colored ribbon. Over the years I've bought wool sweaters and fulled them, and now I think I'm going to cut them up too.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On the Job Injury

I can't type because I was making carrot juice tonight and neglected to use a proper cutting board, or pay attention, or sharpen the knife before I tried to chop up a really fat carrot so it could fit in the chute on the juicer. Earlier today I had been thinking about the index finger on my left hand, and how it's been hurting in the cold (it's 5 degrees here) and imagining if it would ever just get so bad I might lose it. And then I was in the kitchen, my brain trying to process a whole bunch of signals at once: oops, and what? and wait, I think I'm hurt and ow! and, but I never get hurt, and, I told you something was going to happen if you didn't slow down. And then, pull that knife out of there, and oh my god, what do I do?

I saw it briefly, a good sized gash below the knuckle. I thought about going right away to the ER. But with my right hand gripping my left, how was I supposed to steer, or shift? Not a great idea. I looked at the clock: 7:08. I've got pressure on it now, and it stings like hell, but if I keep it on for ten minutes, okay twenty, maybe that'll do the trick. Turns out you breathe faster at these times, and you get a crazy look in your eyes. Okay, keep it together. Call a friend who can come help you drive, or at least strap on the band-aid.

Okay, holding your left hand with your right, grab your phone with your left thumb and both pinky fingers. Put it on the kitchen counter. Dial with your right pinky. Place your head near the phone until your ear and mouth are lined up correctly. Sweet, she's home. Hi, are you busy? Um, well, I need some help with a cut I just gave myself. Can you come over soon, because. . . um. . . I have some brownies in the oven that I can't take out.

Now I have a cool blue split on my finger to keep it straight, following treatment with hydrogen peroxide and liquid bandage. I can't type though. And now I can't knit either.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The re-Bar

So I'm studying for the bar, and there should be a joke in here somewhere. I already studied for this test, I already sat for it, and I already passed it. And yet here I am again, sitting again in February. Yes, everyone does wonder why. Why on earth would I want to take a second exam? Why didn't I take the Montana exam first, like a normal person? As Lina Lamont would say, "What do they think I am? Dumb or something?

It's so pathetic, I can't even come up with a lame knitting pun. So far at least half of the questions I've reviewed for the state essay portion involve worker's compensation and construction site negligence. So much for my normal Montana bar exam joke that goes: my sharpshooting is pretty good, but I'm a bit worried about the calf-roping part of the test. Ugh!

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